Recognition of Kekistani Ethnicity Form

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Recognition of Kekistani Ethnicity Form

Post by Kekistani_Bureau » Thu May 11, 2017 10:34 am

My name is: [insert full name]
My Scientific Gender is: [Insert Scientific Gender]
Gender-wise I identify as: [Insert any bullshit]
Proof of Identity: [Insert IRL documents and/or your facebook and/or something similar to identify]
I am a citizen or subject of: [Insert Countries]
Other details I want to add: {Insert w/e details you want]

I Hereby Proclaim that I have filled The Recognition of Kekistani Ethnicity Form and the Declaration of Nationality Form
as accurately as possible and I wish to be viewed by the public-eye as Kekistani National and I identify my ethnicity as Kekistani as well.
I'm aware of the Kekistani Nationality Law and I hereby declare to be held accountant to it.
Praise Kek, Shadilay, [Insert full name + signature].
-------------------------[optional, Insert full name + signatures of witnesses and a lawyer]