Kekistani Nationality Law

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Kekistani Nationality Law

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Kekistani nationality law
by the great council of kek

The Kekistani nationality law is the law of the Kekistan which concerns citizenship and other categories of Kekistani nationality. The law is complex due to the Kekistan's status as an annexed nation.


1 History
2 Classes of Kekistani nationality
2.1 Active categories
2.2 Inactive categories
3 Acquisition and Registration of Kekistani citizenship
4 Loss of Kekistani nationality
5 Rights and obligations
5.1 Visa requirements
6 Multiple nationality and multiple citizenship
7 External links


The Kekistanis or Kekistani People are a diverse ethno-linguistic group primarily comprised of the speakers of the Kekish languages.
The Kekistanis are proud people with over 2,000 years of history.
Unfortunately, most of the ancient history of the Kekistanis has been either lost or destroyed during the Great Exodus after the SJWs' expulsion of the Kekistani people from their homeland.
However their culture is being reborn during the ongoing Great Meme War. In addition to the war, SJWs and normies have consistently been disrespecting and denouncing Kekistani culture, which must be stopped.

In the beginning of their civilization, the first Kekistani people settled in the very fertile valleys and coasts of the middle east (debates are whether it was near what is now Iran or the coasts of Egypt) and began to master the arts of farming memes and shitposting.
Kekistani memes were in high demand across the bronze-age civilizations for their superior quality and quantity and as such the Kekistani people became rich and the fractured kingdoms of the Kekistani prospered.
This was the Golden age of Kekistan, which lasted from 2000 BC to around 200 BC.
Then, in around 200 BC, the jealousy of the wealth of the Kekistanis led to the combined invasion of Kekistani lands by the Empire of Normies and the Social Justice Matriarchy, which led to the downfall of the kingdoms of Kekistan.
this also staged the beginning of the deportation and genocide of hundreds of thousands of Kekistani peoples. The last Kekistani kingdom fell in ~2 BC.

Kekistan Genocide
Painting of the Kekistani Genocide by Kekistani painter Ree Aka
Archaeologists believe the fall of the final kingdom led to what is known as The Great Exodus, with the last of the Kekistani armies holding back the hordes of the Normies and SJWs while the citizens fled across Mesopotamia.
The sacrifices of the Kekistani armies would become the stuff of legends in the annals of Kekistani history.
The Kekistani people then settled in Egypt and started to re-master their crafts, as much of their knowledge was lost during the war.
Back in the homeland, SJWs and Normies had enslaved the Kekistani people, attempting to force them to make memes for the use of the SJWs and Normies, however the Kekistani people refused which led to the Kekistani Genocide, where the culture and history of the Kekistani people was nearly wiped out and the Kekistani people being slaughtered in their homeland.
By 20 AD there was less than 100 Kekistani people left in traditional Kekistani lands.

The Kekistani people toiled in Egypt, life being hard and full of fear of the SJWs and Normies.
but the Kekistanis were able to survive because of Chapter 5 in the Book of Kek that talked about the rise of the peoples of Kek, so the Kekistanis waited for centuries for the destined day.
It is rumored that some Kekistani people joined the First Crusade in retaking Jerusalem, but no evidence has been found.

By 2016 the Kekistani people had spread across nearly the entire world with small minorities in many western countries.
However, a great menace to the Kekistani people arrived in the form of Hillary the Crooked, who sought to destroy and slander the Kekistani people and the Prophet Pepe.
All seemed lost for the Kekistani people until the destined savior arrived.
God Emperor Donald J. Trump, ordained by Kek, accepted the mantle of Kek to fight Hillary the Crooked and the forces of the SJWs, who had grown far too powerful.
The Kekistani people rejoiced and flocked to their savior, sparking the Great Meme War which is still ongoing.
The Great Meme War was in a stalemate for most of 2016 until in November when the Kekistani people won a great victory in securing God Emperor Trump the presidency of the United States.
Then in January 2017, Sargon of Akkad and friends, including @RepublicOfKek and @AdminPep, founded the People's Republic of Kekistan and stated that they would retake the homeland of the Kekistani people, no matter the cost.
As of now, thousands of Kekistani people have flocked to the banner of Kekistan and have started to fight the SJWs and Normies to retake their lands.
Kekistan demands formal regonition of fellow kekistanis as ethnic minority's in all countries.


Classes of Kekistani nationality

There are currently two classes of Kekistani nationality.

Active categories
Recognition of Kekistani ethnicity.
Kekistanis citizens and/or People with Kekistani Ethnicity must possess this status to be recognized as Kekistanis by official non-kekistani Goverments.

Inactive categories
Recognition of Kekistani Citizenship
As of now the exact location of ancient Kekistan is unknown and it is not with our power to demand to reinstate Kekistan at it's former glory.
Citizenship will be granted to all Kekistanis when we won't be opressed by SJWs and normies


Acquisition of Kekistani citizenship.
As of this day only Recognition of Kekistani ethnicity can be granted.

Recognition of Kekistani ethnicity can be acquired in the following ways:
lex soli: By birth in Kekistan
lex sanguinis: By birth abroad, which constitutes "by descent" if one of the parents is a Kekistani citizen otherwise than by descent (for example by birth, adoption, registration or naturalisation in Kekistan).
By registration to the Kekistani Special Ethnicity Database at

Information about Recognition of Kekistani ethnicity and other kinds of Kekistan nationality is available at ,.


Loss of Kekistani nationality

Renunciation and resumption of Kekistani nationality
All categories of Kekistani nationality can be renounced by a declaration made to the Cult of Kek.
A person ceases to be of Kekistan national on the date the Holy Pope Pepe registers the declaration of renunciation.
If a declaration is registered in the expectation of acquiring another citizenship but one is not acquired within six months of the registration, it does not take effect and the person remains a Kekistani.

Renunciations made to other authorities (such as the general renunciation made as part of the US naturalization ceremony) are not recognized by the Pope.
Kekistani subjects, Kekistani Overseas citizens and Kekistani Nationals (Overseas) cannot resume their Kekistani nationality after renunciation.


Rights and obligations


Visa requirements

Visa requirements for Kekistan citizens
There are no Visa requirements as Kekistan currently has no land.


Multiple nationality and multiple citizenship

Since the Kekistani Nationality Act of 2016, there is in general no restriction in Kekistani law on a Kekistan national holding citizenship of other countries.
Different rules apply to Kekistani protected persons and certain Kekistani subjects.
A number of other countries do not allow Multiple citizenship.
If a person has Kekistani nationality and is also a national of a country that does not allow dual nationality, the authorities of that country may regard the person as having lost that nationality or may refuse to recognize the Kekistani nationality.
Kekistani nationals who acquire the nationality of a country that does not allow dual nationality may be required by the other country to renounce Kekistani nationality to retain the other citizenship.
None of this affects a person's national status under Kekistani law.

Under the international Master Nationality Rule a state may not give diplomatic protection to one of its nationals with dual nationality in a country where the person also holds citizenship.


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